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Places to visit - Walks and Hill forts

These are arranged in order of travel times from our cottages.

Dorset Travel Guide has some interesing walks

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Notes on lists of Places to visit in Dorset, Somerset and Devon


These walks are compiled from various sources. We are gradually adding our own photographic details, so have a look at our photographic blogs of Walks and places to visit in and around West Dorset site.
PlaceFeatureMap RefPostcodeRoad
Dog friendly
ChedingtonVillage walk1ST 488 05415yes
ChedingtonVillage walk 2ST 488 05415yes
CorscombeCircular Walk to Chelborough (4½ miles)ST 525 05348
CorscombeVillage. Web site has walksSY 516 06748
Evershot4½ mile walk, Melbury Park (IPA, Deer Park)ST 573 046812
EvershotMelbury Park (IPA, Deer Park)ST 573 046812
Maiden NewtonR. Frome wet woodland walkSY 593 9791014
Thorncombe5m walk, Thorncombe and LaymoreST 375 033819
MontacuteLady's Walk (NT)ST 4962 1691919yes
Ham HillCountry park, Hill Fort (SSSI, NNR)ST 479 1721020yes
Probably the most popular hill-fort of all, but adequate space to get away from crowds.
West MiltonWalk South PoortonSY 5030 9630
ST 518W0 9784
FramptonTibbs HollowSY 619 9451321yes
Powerstock5m walk, West Milton, Loscombe, North PoortonSY 517 9621121
FramptonHarry's Wood and Millennium GreenSY 619 9451321
West BayCoast, walk to Burton Bradstock and Hive BeachSY463 904
SY 492 888
CoatOpen access grassland and disused railway walkST 452 2041125yes
Burton BradstockCoastal area. Walks to West Bay and Hive Beach (NT)SY 48 891427yes
Hive BeachWalk to West BaySY 492 888
SY463 904
Burton BradstoxkHive BeachDT6 4RF1529
Burton BradstoxkCogden BeachDT6 4RL1530
Shipton Gorge and Hill4½ mile walk - Shipton HillSY 498 9151431
Golden CapHighest point on South coast (NT)SY 384 9344DT6 6EP1532yes
SatNav is for Langdon Hill car park
Lyme RegisAxmouth to Lyme Regis undercliff (SSSI, NNR)SY 336 9201735yes
Stonebarrow HillCliff top walk to Golden cap (NT)SY 381 933DT6 6RA1835yes
Excellent cliff-top walks.
Thorncombe WoodsNature Reserve, Hardy's cottage, WoodsSY 7269222135
Langdon HillWood (NT) and walk to Golden CapSY 413 9311336yes
Pine and Larch woodland. Good car park and walk to Golden Cap
PallingtonSculpture park and walksSY 786 9132441
Osmington MillsCoastal village. Pub, Rock pools, clifftop walksSY 735 8172844yes
Beer (Devon)Village. Walk to BranscombeSY 228 888
SY 207 881
EX12 3AJ2445yes
BranscombeCoastal village, walksSY 207 882
SY 230 892
EX12 3DB2747yes
PayhemburyHembury Hill FortST111031EX14 3LA2850
Ottery St MaryTown, walk to Tipton St JohnSY 0940 9515
SY 0920 9176
Tipton St JohnWalk by river Otter. Scenic drive through Blackdown Hills and East DevonSY 0872 9210
SY 0940 9515
WarehamBlue PoolBH20 5AR3959
Nature reserve and tearoom: !! acres of woodland, heathland
Hambledon HillHill Fort (NNR)ST 845 126311 hrs 1yes
Dancing LedgeOld coastal quarry. Rock pools and swimming.SY 998 769
[SY 997 784 1400m]
471 hrs 14yes
St Aldhelm's HeadWalk to ChapelSY 961 754
[SY 964 775 2000m]
471 hrs 15
Chapman's PoolWalk to baySY 956 770
[SY 964 775 1100m]
471 hrs 15yes
BurleyNew Forest village, Lawn walksSU 214 028BH24 4AP591 hrs 25yes
BournemouthHengistbury HeadSZ 173 908 BH6 4EN541 hrs 29
Ferries to Christchurch, Tuckton. Beach, cafe. Well worth a visit.

Hill Forts

Dorset is full of historic Hill forts - many of which make excellent walks. There are also hill forts in Devon and Somerset. The National Trust own many of these and have produced a booklet: Dorset's Hillforts - A Visitors Guide
PlaceFeatureMap RefPostcodeRoad
Dog friendly
Waddon hillRoman fort (site of)ST 448 015512
Lewesdon HillOpen access, wooded hill fort. Dorset's highest point (NT)ST 437 014614yes
Highest point in Dorset. An excellent wooded walk, but parking is difficult.
Ham HillCountry park, Hill Fort (SSSI, NNR)ST 479 1721020yes
Probably the most popular hill-fort of all, but adequate space to get away from crowds.
Lambert's CastleHill fort. (SSSI, NT)SY 370 9881021yes
Large car park. One of the nicest hill-forts. Coney's Castle is within walking distance.
Eggardon HillHill Fort (SSSI; NT - southern half only)SY 541 947
[SY 550 948 700m]
Some parking in Shatombe Lane, 500m east of the hill. North half is ploughed.
Pilsdon PenHill fort. Open access. Dorset's 2nd highest. (NT)SY 414 0091124yes
Open hill so excellent views. Small car park on B3164. Not for a windy day!
Coney's CastleHill FortSY 371 9791224yes
Small car park. It is in walking distance from Lamberts castle. Good Bluebell wood.
Dogbury HillHill FortST 660 0521426yes
Shipton HillHill FortSY 508 9221427
Small, steep hill formed a natural hill fort with little extra fortification. Excellent views.
Castle NerocheNorman Motte and Bailey, Forest (FC)ST 273 1561730yes
Good woodland walks
Cadbury CastleHill fortST 628 2532334yes
Flat-topped open hill fort with few trees.
Abbotstbury CastleHill Fort. (SSSI)?SY 562 862DT2 8522035yes
Maiden CastleHill Fort, largest in Britain. (EH)SY 672 884DT2 9PP2136yes
Dumpton HillHill fortSY177 0422340yes
Blackbury CampHill Fort. (EH)SY 187 924EX24 6JE2547yes
PayhemburyHembury Hill FortST111031EX14 3LA2850
Bulbarrow HilHill fortST 777 055DT11 0ER2550yes
Bindon HillHill fortSY 839 802BH20 5SA3352yes
Hod HillHill Fort (NT)ST 855 1063356yes
Badbury RingsHill fort, large, wooded. (NT)ST 964 030BH21 4DZ3956yes
WimborneBadbury RingsDT11 9JL3959
Hambledon HillHill Fort (NNR)ST 845 126311 hrs 1yes
WatchetDaw's Castle (Hill Fort). (EH)ST 063 434401 hrs 11yes
BournemouthHengistbury HeadSZ 173 908 BH6 4EN541 hrs 29
Ferries to Christchurch, Tuckton. Beach, cafe. Well worth a visit.

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