Baker's Arms Holiday Cottages

South Perrott, Dorset

This is an owners own site, run by Richard and Mary Torrens.

Times to travel by car to our holiday cottages in South Perrott from various places.

South Perrott is less than 2 miles from Crewerne railway station, and visitors can, by arrangemenyt, be collected.

Distances and times to South Perrott are taken from the RAC's route planner. It is given in good faith but with no guarantees so if you find any errors please let me know.

PlaceFeatureMap RefPostcodeDistance
Road miles
Birmingham1562 hrs 45
BristolCity491 hrs 29
Cambridge1923 hrs 37
Canterbury1983 hrs 31
Cheltenham1011 hrs 55
Coventry1522 hrs 52
Durham3405 hrs 40
Felixstowe2404 hrs 20
Gatwick1492 hrs 38
Gloucester992 hrs 0
Heathrow1232 hrs 11
Leicester1873 hrs 19
London M25 M3 junction1111 hrs 59
March (Camba)2234 hrs 4
Newcastle-under-Lyme1843 hrs 20
Norwich2634 hrs 32
Oxford1332 hrs 36
Portsmouth911 hrs 55
Southampton721 hrs 37
Warwick1452 hrs 53
York2804 hrs 50

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