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Places to visit ove an hour from our holiday cottages in South Perrott.
The green background indicates dog friendliness we have checked (but we can't guarantee no change since). The yellow background are nature reserves which are generally dog-friendly but check the relevant wildlife trust's site.

This list is compiled from many sources. Distances and times from South Perrott are taken from the RAC's route planner. It is given in good faith but with no guarantees so if you find any errors please let me know.

Where an item has two entries in the Map Ref column these are the start and end of the walk. Unless the second figure is in square brackets when it is the nearest car park, with walking distance.

PlaceFeatureMap RefDistance
Road miles
Dog friendly
Bicton Bicton Park GardensSY 071 859431 hrs 3
BournemouthTown471 hrs 12
BurleyNew Forest village, Lawn walksSU 214 0028591 hrs 25yes
Burrow FarmGardensSY 243 993421 hrs 7yes
Chapman's PoolWalk to baySY 956 770
[SY 964 775 1100m]
471 hrs 15yes
CheddarCaves461 hrs 6
CleeveAbbey. (EH)ST 050 409401 hrs 8
Dancing LedgeOld coastal quarry. Rock pools and swimming.SY 998 769
[SY 998 789 1400m]
471 hrs 14yes
ExeterCity421 hrs 6
FromeTown401 hrs 2
KimmeridgeBaySY910 788411 hrs 5yes
LydfordLydford Gorge (NT)SX 507 844741 hrs 32yes
RingwoodMarket town, New Forest edge.511 hrs 10
RosemoorRHS gardenSS 500 177771 hrs 44no
ShaftesburyTown311 hrs 0
St Aldhelm's HeadWalk to ChapelSY 961 754
[SY 964 775 2000m]
471 hrs 15
TorreCider FarmST 046 401401 hrs 8
TynehamLost village, museumSY 882 804401 hrs 4
WashfordWildlife parkST 055 410401 hrs 8
WashfordRadio MuseumST 044 412401 hrs 8
WatchetDaw's Castle (Hill Fort). (EH)ST 063 434401 hrs 11yes
WorbarrowBaySY 870 799
[SY 882 804 1400m]
401 hrs 4


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