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Places to visit in Dorset, Somerset and Devon

Places to visit within 30 minutes drive from our holiday cottages.
The green background indicates dog friendliness we have checked (but we can't guarantee no change since). The yellow background are nature reserves which are generally dog-friendly but check the relevant wildlife trust's site.

This list is compiled from many sources. Distances and times from South Perrott are taken from the RAC's route planner. It is given in good faith but with no guarantees so if you find any errors please let me know.

Where an item has two entries in the Map Ref column these are the start and end of the walk.

PlaceFeatureMap RefDistance
Road miles
Dog friendly
Adam's GreenHibbitts Woods (DoWT)ST 54744 07583614yes
Allington Hill(WT)SY 459 9331122yes
Barrington CourtHouse (NT)ST 398 1831023grounds
Barrington HillMeadows (SSSI, NNR)ST 300 1701527yes
BickenhallBoon's Copse (Neroche Forest) (SWT)ST 281 1991729yes
BishopswoodJan Hobbs Nature reserve (SWT)ST 262 1331630yes
BishopswoodBishopswood Meadows (SWT)ST 252 1311730yes
Bracketts CopiceDoWT. SSSI, abcient woodlandST 517 07237yes
BridportTown, Morrisons, Lidl1223
Buckland St MaryDommet Woob (SWT)ST 278 1391629yes
Burton BradstockCoastal area. Walks to West Bay and Hive Beach (NT)SY 48 891427yes
Castle NerocheNorman Motte and Bailey, WoodsST 273 1561730yes
Cerne AbbasGiant & villageST 662 0161526yes
ChardTown, Sainbury's1120
Chard (Canal) Reservoir, Nature reserveST 338 0941120
CharmouthCoastal village1630
ChedingtonPub: Winyard's GapST 492 06225
ChedingtonPub: Winyard's Gap (on foot)ST 492 062130
Clapton BridgeWater MillST 414 06359
Coney's CastleHill FortSY 371 9791224yes
CrewkerneTown, Waitrose, Lidl37
CrewkerneLower Severals Nursery and GardenST 457 11259
CrewkerneBincombe Beeches (nature reserve)ST 443 10159
Crewkerne station24
Crook Hill(WT)ST 498 06525yes
Dogbury HillHill FortST 660 0521426yes
Dowlish WakePerry's Cider MillsST 375 127917no
East LambrookMargery Fish GardensST 431 1891023?
Eggardon HillHill Fort (SSSI)SY 541 9471322yes
EypeBeach, CafeSY 447 9101426yes
Forde AbbeyGardensSY 362 053922yes, very (well behaved in cafe)
Ham HillCountry park (NNR)ST 477 1701020yes
Hardington MoorNqture reserve (SSSI, NNR)ST 515 130818
Hardy MonumentWoods, Hardy's cottageSY 613 8761930yes
Hatherstone wood(WT)ST 526 127817yes
HilfieldHendover Coppice (DoWT)ST 63433 038101020yes
Hive BeachWalk to West BaySY 492 888
SY463 904
Hive BeachSea food restaurant, beachSY 4909 88671528yes
Kingcombe MeadowsWorking Farm, Nature reserve and centre (DoWT)SY 554 991814yes
KingsdonGlenda Spooner: Horse rescue centreST 515 2581727
Kingston RusselStone Circle. (EH)SY 578 8791627yes
Lambert's CastleHill fort. (SSSI, NT)SY 370 9881021yes
Lewesdon HillOpen access, wooded hill fort. Dorset's highest point.. (NT)ST 437 014614yes
Little Norton WoodS. Somerset DC woodST 484 158819yes
LoscombeNature Reserve (SSSI, DoWT)SY 50154 97903919yes
Lytes Cary ManorProperty (NT)ST 534 2671726
Mancombe Wood(WT)ST 427 102512yes
MangertonWater MillSY 490 9571121
MappertonHouse & gardensSY 503 996711no
MartokTownST 463 195 1122
Minterne HouseGardensST 660 0421425yes
MistertonPub: Globe Inn23
MontacuteTV & Radio Toy Museum and tearoomsST 496 169919
MontacuteLady's Walk (NT)ST 4962 1691919yes
MontacuteHouse and gardens (NT)ST 4962 1691919yes (informal areas)
MostertonPub: The Admiral Hood (footpath)ST 805 893125yes
MostertonPub: The Admiral HoodST 805 89324yes
North PerrottPub: The Manor Arms24
North PerrottFruit Farm, Farm shop, garden centreST 474 09935
OathillHigher Bere Chaple Farm Woods (WT)ST 404 057713yes
Pilsdon PenHill fort. Open access (NT)ST 413 0111124yes
PorteshamValley of Stones (NNR)SY597 8821827
PowerstockPowerstock commonSY 54688 973821017
Pucketts Wood(WT)ST 467 012612yes
South PerrottPub: The Coach and Horses02
South PerrottPicket Lane nurseries (walk)ST 744 062110
South PoortonHolloway to West MiltonST 5180 9784
SY 5030 9630
South PoortonBeningfield Wood (WT)ST 5180 97841018yes
South PoortonNature reserve (DoWT) ST 5102 97651018yes
SparkfordMotor MuseumST 609 2702130
Sutton BinghamReservoirST 548 112717no
SymonsburyPub: Ilchester ArmsSY 445 9351326yes
SymonsburyVillage, Hell Lane to North ChideaockSY 445 935
SY 424 938
TintinhullGardens (NT)ST 509 1941221
Trinity HillNature reserve, Wood, old Devon HedgesSY 304 9521629yes
TytherleighDevon, closest pointST 318 034 1322
Waddon hillRoman fort (site of)ST 448 015512
WayfordWoods, LakeST 398064512yes
West BayWatch House cafe (Seafood)1325
West BayCoast, walk to Burton Bradstock and Hive BeachSY463 904
SY 492 888
West Coker FenNature reserve (SWT)ST 503 138612yes
West MiltonWalk Soutth PoortonSY 5030 9630
ST 5180 9784
WhitestauntonRoman villa remainsST 281 1041426
WinterbournePoor Lot (Stone age barrows) (EH)SY 588 9071522
Winterbourne AbbasThe Nine Stones.Stone circle. (EH)SY 613 6241624yes
Wooton HillWood, ancient Devon hedgesSY 3545 9695 1226yes
Yarty MoorYarty Moor (SWT)ST 235 1591730yes
YeovilTown (largest nearby), Morrisons, Asda, Lidl (2 off), Aldi1122


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