Baker's Arms Holiday Cottages

South Perrott, Dorset

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The gardens at Bakers Arms

The garden at Bakers Arms is some 250m long with the River threading through it. Total area is a little over 2 acres. It is mostly wooded, but only because there are some specimen trees but also because there has been little serious garden maintenance for the past 20 years, so trees that were hedged have grown. The garden is divided into several rooms. At the north end, furthest from the house and cottages, is what must once have been a quarry. It now has tall trees making it something of a park-like area. South of this is a more open area where apple trees grow. Both of these areas have a spring in, though little has been done with these. The River Parrett headwaters run along the east sire of these two rooms.

To get to these two north rooms a bridge crosses the river. South of the river are more rooms including a private lawn for the use of visitors.

Approach to the garden is through the old skittle alley, now roofless, or via a tunnel-like path to the side of the skittle alley.

The gardens are a pleasant place to walk your dog or to take a picnic, or just to sit. We shall be working on them for many years to restore some of their past glory.

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