Baker's Arms Holiday Cottages

South Perrott, Dorset

This is an owners own site, run by Richard and Mary Torrens.

Because of covid restrictions we cannot open the cottages so we are taking the opportunity to renovate them both. We are also doing a lot of work on the garden.

Behind the main house there are outbuildings: a row of three cottages (one semi-derelict and two converted for holiday use) and the ruins of an old skittle alley.

The Old Bakery

The Old Bakery
The Old Bakery will be available starting in as soon as covid restrictions allow. Click the photo for details.

The Old Bakery has one double bedroom and one single.

Jasmine Cottage

Jasmine Cottage
Jasmine Cottage has been used as an office, so has no shower or kitchenette. These will be installed as soon as possible when the cottage will be open for visitors. This should also be starting as soon as covid restrictions allow.

Jasmine Cottage has one double bedroom.

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