Baker's Arms Holiday Cottages

South Perrott, Dorset

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The old quarry gardens at Bakers Arms

The garden at Bakers Arms is some 250m long with the River threading through it. The total area is a little over 2 acres. Most of the garden in in what clearly was, probably in medieval times, a quarry. In those days if suitable stone wad found, for instance in a river bank, the stone would be stripped back for local building - transporting building stone any distance was difficult!

There is a map showing where the photos were taken - including the direction - though this is not always accurate! There is also a map showing the possible area of the quarry - though the south east edge is indeterminate,

The height difference between the river bed (photo 13) and the land to the west above the quarry (photo 21) is some 13.9 metres (45.6 ft).

The southern end of the quarry is indeterminate. At the eastern side it tapers out gradually but on the western edge there is some evidence that it may have continued to the road and slightly beyond.

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